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Chairman: Captain\ Montasser El Sokkary Vice Chairman: Mr.\ Mostafa Tantawi


We are the International Maritime Services Co., one of the Leading company as Shipping Agency & Marine Surveyors in Egypt since 1983. Our main office is located in Alexandria/Egypt and we have our branches all around Egyptian ports with qualified and experienced staff (25 persons) working 24 hours, 7 days a week.

We are always ready to open new relations and to meet new serious partners with whom to make mutually beneficial business.

We are committed to continue improvements in quality of our services to our clients.

Representatives of: Bimco

1- Cargo Recovery Consultants ltd. - England.

2- Hydrex - Belgium

3- ECA Control Engineering international S.A. -Spain

4- Phoenix - Greece

Members of: Polski

1- German-Arab Chamber of Commerce - (Deutsh-Arbische Handelskammer).

2- Classification Society of North America (CSNA)

3-Italian-Arab Chamber of Commerce.

4- English-Arab Chamber of Commerce.

5- N.A.M.S.-U.S.A..

6- GSP-Italy.

7- Cambodia Ship Reg.